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Support the powerful work Equality Toledo is doing throughout the community by becoming an official member of our organization today! At just $35 ($20 for students), your year-long membership will help us…

➔ Conduct ally trainings and share educational resources that create an understanding of our fellow community members.

➔ Host in-person events or virtual gatherings that serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals, who often seek places where they can find acceptance.

➔ Provide food and hygiene items to those in the surrounding zip codes our office is
physically located in, to steward comradery and bolster social service supports.

➔ Mobilize staff and volunteers to respond to emergencies or inquiries that are relative to
our diverse and vast LGBTQ+ family, who deserve advocates in times of need.

➔ Encourage information sharing and cross-collaboration amongst ally and fellow
LGBTQ+ organizations to better serve our community.